no passion for the summer yet

Mint: haha, yeah, the particular translation module i’m taking is the practical application of skills. both Eng-Chi, Chi-Eng. currently, that’s the only language combination offered because the Minor in Translation programme is under the Chinese faculty. which is not hard to understand since it’s the highest in demand. and your time as a freshie is coming to a close soon too eh. congrats. (: and re: Andrew Lloyd Webber week. honestly, not a big loss. to me, everyone failed except for Syesha and Carly (even though she tends to lose control sometimes). i’ve given up all hope in the meritocracy of talent competitions in general. >:

did anyone know that i actually am the most creative and compose most of my words when i’m in the shower? haha, usually i get struck with the impulse to blog when i am recollecting my day, and the memories sort themselves into more organized clouds.

so today was officially the first day of freedom post-exams. but i didn’t feel very different. wondering if i’m going to have to head back to campus soon for meetings or whatever. someone from my group needs to collect our marked Info Lit paper from the GO. and i intend to borrow books.

still, i had plenty of fun and great company today. i had some extra time to do some quick shopping in town before rendezvousing with Zijie, Thu and Cheryl this afternoon at City Hall. i got myself a new burgundy v-neck tunic top from the F21 bargain racks. i debated real long and hard about this lovely red/colors satin print dress also on sale. it was very summer and passionate, and i really wanted to get it. but it was $34 (still much less expensive than your typical F21 merchandise) but i’m a cheapo. (: … i love Women’s Secret undies and all the pretty prints! and Wh print skirts (on 30% sale), but i can’t seem to find the perfect size for them.

i also saw this satin print scarf at F21 going for $13. did i mention my keeping an eye out for long satin scarves lately? it all begun when i spotted this really interesting girl on the train one day. she had this whole chic/punk style going on. my memory is a little vague now, but she had short hair (great cut), and had on black skinnies, a t-shirt, and a jacket (which looked way cooler than what it sounds like). but what really imprinted itself into my mind was the way she tied a long satin scarf carelessly around her neck. it looked really awesome, and she looked so put together. i also remember she was carrying a cool black agnès b. bag. (:

anyway, the F21 one isn’t the length i want (though the print rocks). and i couldn’t find great ones at Arab Street. yet to hit FEP, but i know Accessorize has some fabulous ones going for $25. i noticed some new and rather nice tops at Max & More. Hula & Co. has some great designs too, but many of them are selling online at lower prices. o_O

okay, i’m talking about clothes waaayy too much.

my ankle was sort of aching throughout the day, but it was nothing i wasn’t used to. we went for lunch at the relatively new Japanese-style Marche, Shokudo Japanese Food Bazaar at Raffles City! … my honest review: high marks for decor/atmosphere; low marks for food and prices. i wasn’t that hungry, so i decided to try their omu rice with grilled chicken. and like i told Zijie, we must not overlook the skill it takes to make the simple dish of omu rice! it is the most quintessential test of culinary sensibilities and skills because people think it’s so easy. you know, just flipping an omelette over tomato-soaked rice. but it’s not, okay! xD … haha, but nothing can beat Zijie’s weird impression that omu rice is made from ostrich meat or something. Cheryl: “… that’s emu.” lol, insanity.

the chicken was more skin than meat (which was quite dry and tough, to boot). the omu rice was kind of icky because the omelette was undercooked and sort of melty. i like half-boiled egg (the kopitiam kind you eat with pepper & soy sauce; and toast), but not on my rice. the rice itself was lumpy, hard and tasteless instead of emanating the fragrance of tomato. i can’t imagine a Japanese restaurant getting such an important ingredient so terribly wrong. and they use Maggi ketchup. >: … in the end, the entire meal was $8 with GST. so not worth it. go eat the set meal at the Takashimaya omu rice booth instead. it’s about the same price and much more tasty.

the prices of the dishes were mostly about the same as Marche/Vi’lage’s buffets but some from Shukudo were quite atrocious. like $5 for 5 pieces of gyoza? O_o it’s not as though they are extraordinarily large or something. their ice-cream look suspiciously to be from the same source as Haato (though there wasn’t any indication) because there was yuzu sorbet and strawberry yoghurt and other familiar flavors. but one scoop is like $3.50. gasps!

we went shopping around Raffles City (zomg too high end for me) and then headed to Marina Square afterward. it’s amazing how many labels can replicate themselves in malls barely a mile apart each. went to check out Muji, which covers a pretty large space. i think Zijie’s friend has a good idea going on about buying men’s undershirts to wear as basic tees. … we saw a local television crew outside Warehouse. looks like they are filming the same production as the one Aviel and i chanced upon being filmed several weeks back at Bugis Junction. Zoe Tay was there both times. so maybe.

after dehydrating ourselves out by endless walking, we went to chill at the balcony/deck outdoor seating area of the food court around 6plus in the evening. you can see the sea, the Esplanade, the Singaopre Flyer, the CBD skyline and a gorgeous sunset from there. (: … i left the group earlier to meet up with my Dad and sister for dinner at Newton Circus! grilled stringray, kailan, oyster omelette, chicken wings and sugarcane juice! omgomgomgomg, very sinful foodie heaven!

USAToday’s Summer Movies Calendar! and pictures from the Milan Furniture Fair. and online shopping journals need to start differentiating. but omg, i dig patchwork dress number two! resists resists.

off to upload some photos on Facebook. … i intend to sleep earlier tonight than i did at 2am yesterday. i don’t want my skin to degenerate. i see fewer people online these days. either they have lives, or it’s too early. still, talking online is a chore sometimes when conversations revolve around things i don’t like to discuss, but the other person fails to get the hint. and i’m too polite. it’s tragic, really.

lunch with Nates and Choco tomorrow! NYDC at Wheelock Place. zomg, i’ve missed their baked rice. (: … not to mention Haato yuzu sorbet beside it, yay!

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